Ironside Associates Ltd. provides highly specialised, bespoke personal security services, based upon the lifestyles and individual needs of each of our clients and their families.

Our highly trained security consultants will advise you on the best route to fulfilling personal protection requirements, stress-free, according to the results of comprehensive risk reduction assessments carried out on your behalf. The individual results of these assessments form the basis of all personal security improvement plans prepared by Ironside Associates Ltd.

Whether you require highly visible or covert protection, our tailor-made suggestions will be designed to eliminate security risks and compliment your lifestyle, by way of practical strategies, on a long or short term basis.

As professionals in the field, you will find that every Ironside Associates Ltd. private security operative takes pride in maintaining an attentive and conscientious approach at all times. It is this personal focus and attention to detail that has helped to establish us as a leading professional security company in London and the UK.

Security and risk management may be approached in a number of different ways according to your requirements. From intercom systems and perimeter fencing to residential alarms and lighting, our custom-fit solutions effectively eliminate danger and offer complete peace of mind.

Ironside Associates Ltd. also provides assets protection for treasured possessions, bodyguard protection for public appearances and female close protection officers for situations where a female operative is preferred by the client. Our personal security professionals are highly skilled, medically trained and many have additional language skills.

The services offered by Ironside Associates Ltd. to eliminate personal security risks include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Residential security
  • VIP close protection
  • Assets protection
  • Bodyguard protection
  • Female CPOs

If you are interested in any of these services please do not hesitate to contact us for a confidential discussion of your requirements.

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