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Ironside Associates Ltd. was established in 2006 in response to increasing worldwide demand for high-quality, specialist security, close protection and private investigators. Since then this successful organisation has developed a far-reaching reputation for supplying the very best in global and UK security services.

Headed up by Keith Simpson MBE, Ironside’s security consulting success may be a result of the company’s firm belief that client partnerships should always be treated as if for the long term. In every case accepted by Ironside associates, close working relationships are established early on and client needs are fully ascertained prior to any operation. This customer-focused approach ensures that all services are provided at their optimum, having been specifically tailored to the client’s individual requirements and unique specifications.

Providing dependable advice, devising innovative delivery systems and paying attention to every detail from the outset, are all matters of priority to Ironside Associates. Alongside these basic principles, the level of expertise and competence possessed by its operatives is ensured by a choice to recruit from former specialist police and military units.

All employees have previously worked in diverse locations and extreme circumstances, meaning that they have valuable experience in relevant roles. Additionally, many are bilingual and/or skilled medics. By securing the very best protection operatives available with these assets and training them to a high standard, Ironside is able to provide unsurpassed services for each client that they work with.

While Ironside Associates uses state-of-the-art technology, its reputation is based upon an old-fashioned approach to customer service. This combination of innovative security resolutions and traditional customer care ideals, helps them to deliver unparalleled results. Ironside Associates Ltd. works lawfully with pioneering methods and technologies but never forgets the client. These elements are what makes them among the best security agencies in London and the UK.

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