VIP Close Protection

Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard gives evidence in court

Alberto Alvarez was the first person to reach Michael Jacksons bedroom after the doctor had called for help.  He had claimed that Michael Jacksons doctor, Conrad Murray had grabbed a handful of vials and told him to put these in a bag out of view.  The bodyguard also revealed that he helped Dr Murray perform CPR on Jackson.

The bodyguard was also among the entourage, which followed paramedics to hospital, where Jackson was pronounced dead.

Alberton Alvarez demonstrates that as a high profile bodyguard, it is imperative to have a multitude of skills.  VIP Bodyguards need to react quickly and efficiently in emergency situations, and be able to make on-the-spot decisions.  A skill Alvarez clearly demonstrates is discretion and complete professionalism.  Discretion being the art of keeping clients secrets and not disclosing information to people who don’t need to know.  He also testified that he had been offered $500,000 (£312,500) to speak to a news group.  He has rejected this and other offers to date.

Michael Jackson was convinced that he would be assassinated during his UK tour.  He died three weeks before the start of his UK tour at London’s O2 arena in July 2009.

One of his former bodyguards Matt Fiddes said that the star was under a lot of pressure at the time and had planned on wearing a bullet proof vest on stage. The star had feared for his life since the child abuse allegations back in 2002.